What type of sweets treats will I receive in my subscription box?

Here at Vegan Sweet Boxes we pack our boxes with a variety of sweet treats to tempt your tastebuds.  We have included a little sneeky-peek of the types of sweet treats included in our boxes but we don't want to reveal-all because we want you to have a surprise every month - because surprises are fun, right?

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Kookie Cat - organic and vegan cookie with Vanilla and dark Chocolate Chips


A Delicate bourbon vanilla taste, topped with delicious chocolate chips. The princess of cookies that will take over your senses graciously.


Mummy Meagz Rocky Road

The Rocky Road OOOriginal is Mummy Meagz’s own recipe, the gluten free biscuit is Mummy Meagz own recipe and she has many more of her own recipes that will be turned into packaged vegan treats.
Mummy Meagz challenges human conditioning by creating on-the-go vegan snacks that really do taste incredibly delicious.

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